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Last year we did a post (Employees v/s Customers whom to Invest in First) and one of the key areas as per me has always been Product Training and making your team members Destination Specialists. During my trip to Bali last month in December this only got reaffirmed as I saw all the clients following the same itinerary despite having totally different objectives from their trips.

November / December is Marriage Season in India and there are lots and lots of Honeymooners who are travelling and Bali gets its fair share of the Honeymooners. Also since the School holidays are starting there are lots of families travelling and again Bali is a preferred destination. Both these segments have very different requirements and hence they should not be doing the same Program.


Yet there they were all doing the same program. The usual program the clients follow is that they go to Tanahlot Temple which is a lovely scenic spot so yes recommended for both family travellers as well as Honeymooners, but unfortunately this was being done in the afternoon, for anyone who likes taking pictures (making memories and that is really what travel is about) this was the worst possible time to be there, early afternoon would have been ideal but no one recommended this.

The same set of people could be found the next day on a trip to Kintamani Volcano which starts with a Balinese Cultural show @ 10:00 AM. Honeymooners and Families alike are sitting there, Families are enjoying this but Honeymooners are bored out of their wits, why would we include a Cultural show for the Honeymooners and that too @ 10:00 AM when you are in the nightlife capital of Southeast Asia. I spoke to a couple of Honeymooners and their first reaction was the Travel Agent should have told us, we relied on him and it seems he also doesn’t know what he is selling.

Then I was checking with them what else they were doing and was shocked to hear that not one of them was recommended water sports, now this would have been a perfect activity for the Honeymooners, a little bit of adventure, going snorkelling or Jet Skiing or a Banana Boat ride. Yet not one of them was recommended this, When I suggested this to them, they were so happy that there was an activity which they could do which would actually make sense for them.

An Inexperienced Travel Counsellor can actually ruin the clients Holiday and then companies wonder why they don’t get repeat Business. Dear Travel Agency Managers and Owners. Educate yourself and your Team if you want repeat Business from your clients. I am enclosing my recommendations here for different segments if that helps. Else we are happy to educate you on our Destinations. Contact us

Family Travellers

Recommend them a 5 night stay split as 2 Nights in Bali 1 in UBUD and then again 2 in Bali. Hotels either in Nusa Dua or Kuta.

Nusa Dua is the Quieter of the two and better suited for Families who want limited action and more relaxation. Plus its more upmarket with more expensive Hotels to stay in.

In terms of Sightseeing (Families with Kids) should do:

Bali Safari Park for a Day
Pirate Cruise
Water Sports and activities suitable for Kids
Kintamani Volcano Tour with Cultural Show.

Clients Looking to Relax

Recommend a minimum 4 Nights stay, ideally 5 Nights. Recommended area for the Hotels should be Nusa Dua, It’s quieter yet offers multiple options for night life, plus Kuta is a short hop away if they so want it.

Recommended activities if they want to do Sightseeing:

Kintamani Tour which is the cultural bit
Build in a Couple Massage
Recommend Water activities if they want to.

Honeymooners / Young Couples with No Kids

Recommended Stay here 6 Nights. doing a configuration of 2 Nights Bali, Suggest a Private Pool Villa in Seminyak area, great place to start the Tour, has  lots of options for Nightlife and dining around. then take them for a couple of nights to an Island around Bali (there are plenty of those) and finally bring them back to Bali and Stay in Kuta right in the heart of all the action.

Recommended Sightseeing:

Do Waterpark in Kuta
Avoid the Cultural Show but do the Kintamani Trip.
Quad Biking

There are a ton of activities which can be done.

We have compiled a whole list of activities which you can recommend your clients to do in Bali. Click here to download and profit from it. Alternatively, call us and we will help you get Started with Indonesia.

All these activities can also be used for Incentive Travel being promoted. My clients Panorama Destination who are the largest DMC in Indonesia would be happy to help you plan the best getaway for your clients. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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