With Ticket revenues shrinking in today’s day and age, what can companies do to maximise their revenues? The answer lies in thinking outside the usual parameters set and at Innovative Solutions.

Let’s take an example, As an IATA company, you issue 100’s of tickets each day. Your team is very good at finding the best deals and ensures good customer satisfaction. They are also very good with refunds and rely totally on the GDS tool (E-tracker) for the refunds. Using the GDS Tool means that you can go back 365 calendar days for checking the refunds. What happens to the data which is older than 365 days? You cannot check it. Even the residual value you could have had as refunds is lost due to the system limitation.

This is where we come in, Our Client has a Solution which can access your data going back 730 calendar days (2 Years)  and helps us discover refunds for Companies which may otherwise be lost completely. Using our proprietary software, our team needs only your old ticket data and a Patch to your GDS on the minimum usage rights. With this in as little as 10 days, we are able to deep dive and discover refunds for you which can help improve your bottom line. If not discovered these would be completely lost.

Your advantage

This data is worthless for refunds for you, using traditional means.
– Our process doesn’t come with an Upfront cost, It works on a Gain Model.
– There is always Revenue that is generated using our Service.
– You are absolved from ADM’s. (We cover that should an ADM come)
– We Sign an NDA keeping your identity secret.
– You get to improve your Bottomline using our Service.

It is a win-win situation for your IATA Travel Company because you only pay on the additional refunds we were able to generate and it helps you improve your bottom line. If you want your Old Ticket Data “AUDITED” please reach out to me by filling this short form. Click here

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