Digital Marketing + Automation + Our Experience = Your Growth - Guaranteed

Most of Our Clients are companies who have not made the leap to Digital Marketing and it is understandable that there are a lot of myths about the same. They have in the past interacted with Digital Agencies, who probably in trying to win the Business have used terms which scared most of our Prospects. For us this usually means that we have to start from the basics and tell them how it works and how they can get Business from this and harness it and build up their company to the next level.

Using a recent example, I was called in to consult, the client was surprisingly well read and had read my previous blog posts about marketing and using automation to help and he wanted to first have a chat with me before deciding how to proceed. Once we had dispensed with the pleasenteries we got down to Business.

Very politely the Client asked me to explain what exactly can we do to increase his Business. Once I started to break it down for the client as to how it works and how the bigger brands use it to their benefit, he was smiling like a little boy who just won some Candy.

What we discussed here were logical steps which would be followed:

1) Product to be in Demand.

2) Setting up an Autoresponder.

3) Creating a Landing Page

4) Creating an AD.

5) Installing Pixel Code on his website. (I was shocked this was not installed)

6) Creating a Target Audience on Facebook (This is where I work my Magic) Targeting for Travel Companies is an Art and if done right, you can get clients real cheap.

7) Triggering Automation

8) Retargeting the Sign ups and Website Audience.

9) Sending best and in demand offers using Autoresponders

10) Building this Audience up to the next level using referral marketing.

11) Running the entire data through a CRM to ensure nothing Slips between the Cracks.

12) Training Team Members to close more.

 Generating Sales and Profits and then repeating this process round the year to take the Travel Company to the next Level.

So, in reality what the client ends up getting is 28+ years of International Sales experience, defining of the Processes entry into the Digital and hand holding to esnure that Business grows systematically.

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