We love Facebook…

Let’s get that out of the way first. Yes Facebook is a blessing for our clients. With over 1.7 Billion monthly users, people sharing all the information freely, Facebook is a Goldmine waiting to be discovered.

Here goes our last weeks story, Our Client Mr. X, a virtually unknown Travel Company has retained us for full end to end Business consulting, After having set up his processes, it was time to get him some customers. When we discussed the plan with him he was very sceptical of facebook advertising. Never done that, he said and how would you get me customers is all he asked.

We explained our process to him and created our adverts. Everyt moving part of this campaign is automated, so we launched our campaign on thursday evening and had hooked it up in such a way that it went Viral.

Within 24 Hours Facebook had given us appx: 240 Sign ups which by taking Viral we increased to over 500 and since the whole process has been automated by us all these clients have already received 2-3 offers by the time Mr. X walked into his office Today. He walks in today and calls us saying guys, This works like Magic I have over 20 queries sitting with the consultants. The campaign is till running and generating prospects and we are milking these prospects to convert them to customers.

Bigfoot Consulting understands not only Social Media Marketing, but how to set it up for Tourism Companies and how to take it to the next level, We don’t just do Social Media Marketing for our clients, we actually set up your systems in such a way that you dont have to do a thing, the whole system we work on runs on autopilot and your Travel Consultants only come into the picture when the leads are hot and ready to be converted.

We are a Consulting company with a Twist, we not only establish you socially we also get you Business. Does your Social Media company make this promise?

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