The Migration is also referred to as “The World cup of Wildlife” since there is nothing else which comes close to it. Mid-March is the period when most of the Calves are born, (who are up and running within minutes of birth) and towards the end of March, the Wildebeests sense something in the Air and its takes only 2-3 of Wildebeests to start this 1000+ kms of long journey to Mara, they just get up and start moving and the rest begin to follow.

On this journey apart from Sickness, starvation, the disease the Wildebeests and Zebras also need to battle the predators, On the ground, there are the Lions, Cheetahs & Leopards and in the water the crocodiles. By the time this 1000 or so km journey is completed some 250,000 Wildebeests have perished.

To ensure that your clients have the best of Migration options available we have 4 Departures which would help your clients see this dazzling show up close and personal.

Our Departure Dates are

July 06th | July 13th 

August 20th | August 22nd

Please feel free to get in touch with us and we will help you plan the best Holiday for your clients.

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