As a Travel Agency, your main task is to get your customers the best deal, that is what you are good at and that is why you have a regular customer base who queries you and demands your services. Refunds are Sadly not something which Travel companies excel at. Yes, many have hired an extra accountant or two because the front line team doesn’t have the bandwidth to do this, but most of the accountants don’t really understand the Refund process intimately and the process itself, when done using the currently available tools, is not 100% accurate.

As with everything else the Solution is to find a tool/hack which can help you fix this broken process, & this is were we come in.

Why Outsourcing your Ticket refunds to us is a Good Idea.

Refunds could easily form 2-3% of your total turnover, as an example if you were issuing tickets worth $1.00 Million dollars a month, your refund value could be $20K -30K Per month, Since the amount is no small amount you would really want this to be handled properly and in a Timely Manner.

How our Refund Solution works:

We audit Tickets issued for the last 2 years, we start with tickets issued 2 years ago (That is the maximum a ticket is likely good for refund) and using our proprietary process we deep dive into each ticket issued. This is checked against utilization and if it has any refund is due.

Why our Solution add’s Value:

We do not charge you anything upfront, we work on a Gain Model, what this means is that on the refund value we would charge you a Percentage. Taking a Typical scenario, you have already processed your refunds and are fairly certain that there are no refunds due, Let us audit your Tickets for you, if we are unable to find any refunds then there is no charge for you at all, (What you get in return is a Peace of Mind that your team has aced the process) however as we have learned by auditing hundreds of Travel Agencies, refunds are discovered using our process and what this in turn means for your company is an increase in the Bottom line and GOP.

You were not even aware of these refunds and if they are not processed within the STIPULATED this becomes the Airlines Gain.

Why this model is beneficial for Travel Agencies:

You Pay us from the refunds that you were not even aware of were due to you. Using our process, you were able to recover money (literally) which you would have left lying on the table.



Do What you are Good at and you will excel at what you do!!

We are good at processing Refunds and that is what we do best.
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