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Big Data

Let Data drive your Business to succeed

Data has always been the driver of Business and as more and more clients travel today the larger is their Digital Footprint, This digital footprint if interpreted correctly would help Travel companies scale up and win the market. The more the clients travel the Bigger the Data.

How to Collect the Data? Paid Social Media marketing is today the most effective way to collect the Data. Let’s say you as a Travel Company are sitting in Dubai and want to create an offering which is unique and want to target a certain segment of the population in a certain area. The best bet for this would probably still be Facebook, today the customers openly share all the personal information on Facebook and Facebook would let you use it to your benefit if you are advertising with them. Most of us are well aware of this, A lot of people I meet have been advised (wrongly, if I may say so) to direct this traffic to like their Business page, however, at this stage a smart marketer would take this traffic to a landing page where the clients are presented with a Sign up form and once they have signed up the product/offering is emailed to them. This Data is GOLDMINE whereas a Facebook Page like is not worth much (and I will explain this) The Data collected should then be pushed into an E-Marketing Service. However, this e-marketing service should be able to communicate with your CRM. In the past, I have often spoken about this but that was mostly for organizations who have smaller Databases. However, if you are a company who is likely to have a larger database, you need a solution which would ensure that A) Data you are collecting is beneficial to your organization’s growth B) Giving you insights well in advance so that you can make timely decisions. There are tools available out there which can help you achieve this. They manage not only your Leads as they come in but if you have set up your marketing automation right, move your clients through the funnel until such time that the leads become customers. Once they become customers the same tools which also have a CRM can give you deeper insights.

Coming back to why I as a marketer, would not direct the Traffic to a Facebook Page but to a landing page, lets say that you have a FB Business Page which has 15K likes, In a perfect world if you post something all 15K should be seeing it, however, that doesn’t happen, Only about 5-7% of the people who have liked your page are able to see it. See, you don’t decide who sees your posts, but Facebook does. So when investing in an FB AD (which in my opinion are still the most affordable way to get targeted leads) bring them across to a Landing Page and get the database filling up. Remember that each client has a potential of 4-5 trips with you and if you are doing a good job, creating referrals for you.

How the Big Data can help you, Let me show you with an example, You have a great offering for a Destination, you create a visually appealing advertisement on FB and set a target. Since what you are offering is a great product, you collect in 7 days 2500 Leads. Now, these are at the stage of the collection just leads which may or may not convert for the advert. We move these leads into an E-Marketing Tool and share the first bit of information with them, While sharing you can either just share that particular destination or have a small footer with other similar destinations as well. In the E-Mail tool, we can define what kind of triggers we want to

set up. These are called if this, then that. So based on the client’s interaction of your email a trigger is set. This triggers can be for follow up or selling a different product or whatever else your goal at this stage is.

A tool with a Built-in CRM already has all this data, and since most of the Tools already sync with your Email, every interaction with the client is stored and the minute the client converts, we can add a deal to the client as well, when the client books you can close the deal and add revenue to the client. All your future interactions with the clients are automatically tagged and stored and you always know the exact value that client holds for your Business. Some clients always inquire but never buy, If you receive another email from this client, based on the data available with you, you already know that he/she has inquired 5 times and never converted so he/she could be a low priority. However, a client who has inquired 4 times and converted 3 times, is a much higher priority.
This helps you with 2 things, 1) You are servicing your best clients first. 2) The time saving by not giving priority to clients who don’t convert can be beneficial for closing more prospects/leads.

Also as Customers are constantly evolving and the buying patterns are changing, more and more buying is happening in advance, you always have data available to know what is selling better for you than others, which helps you make informed decisions of what Destinations to increase your inventory for and which to short.

This is just one such example of what you can do with Data. If you as an organization have the funding we can integrate this data with other metric available to predict what destinations would trend well in advance.

There is a lot more to this for which I am available to consult with you on how to take your Business to the next level by helping you crunch Big Data and letting Big Data work for you rather than losing business by not harnessing this Data.

Email Me for more information.

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