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Indian Travellers

For the Indian Travellers, travel is no longer a luxury, rather it’s become a “non-negotiable necessity” with more and more Indians eager to travel. With a higher awareness of the World and a desire for immersive holiday experiences. Whether Micro Vacations or Destination Weddings, the Indian Travellers are taking the world by Storm.

For a Tourism Brand wishing to cater to the Indian Travellers, it becomes important to understand the different kind of Travellers in India to craft offerings which play to their strength rather than coming with offerings which are general in nature and probably work with the existing markets but may be the reason for the downfall in India.

The Types of Indian Travellers

1. The Budget Traveller: A vast majority of Indian Travellers including a lot of first time travellers, would fall into this categroy, they would like to take atleast 1 International vacation a year, would travel with Family (a usual mix is 2 Adults and 2 Kids) would like to cover as much as possible, have everything planned out for each day, would do a lot of research, would be happy to cram a day and a half of Sightseeing in a day. They want a loud “Bang for their Buck”

2. The Easy going Travellers: These are travellers who are usually busy professionals, who don’t have a lot of time to do research and prefer to outsource all the work to their Trusted Travel agents or rely on recommendations of friends and family who have already travelled to this destination. They want everything to be planned out and shared with utmost transperencey. They are looking for a Great Vacation / Holiday and are mostly very easy going as long as everything promised is delivered.

3. The Joint Family Travellers: These are the Indian Travellers who would prefer to travel with their extended / Joint Family together as it helps not only create Memories together but also creates bonding. They could be from 12-30 people party. There are Multiple generations travelling together and things seldom go according to plan when they travel. They seek flexibility in the travel plans and prefer itineraries which are children friendly as well as can accommodate the Senior Members of their family.

4. The Wanderer:  The new breed 0f Indian Travellers who seek local authentic experiences above everything else. They would always need lots of recommendations to choose from. Usually do the research before they book experiences, don’t mind changing things at the last minute if a better experience presents itself. Not scared to experiment and very particular of authencity and their privacy.

5. The Chill Seekers: There are 2 segments of the Indian Travellers you would find here, either they are in age group of 25-30 or in age group of 55-65, They usually travel to unwind, relax, and are the rare Indians who would not only enjoy the destination but the journey as well. They usually just book the round trip and Hotel Stay and like to keep the Itinerary wide open as their expectations consist of low-key experiences at a relaxing pace, with little or no desire to attempt anything unusual or new.

6. The Seniors: This group of Indian Travellers are usually retired and have above average earnings / Savings and like to explore new places and travel. They would be high on energy, well disciplined and would like to see as and understand the Destination. Prefer to travel in small groups with friends or even be a part of Group Tours.

7. The Incentive Market: India is one of the largest producers of Incentive Travel with each day multiple groups ranging from 12 Pax to 2000 pax travelling. This is a high competition market with very thin margins. Very Important is access to Indian food, Cocktails / Gala Evenings and Night Life.

If you are looking to enter into the Indian Market, Our India Office can help you with all the Ground Work and information needed to make your India venture a success. We are connected to over 100,000 Travel Agents across India and help you generate immedieate Traction in the Market. However if you wish to Traverse this market on own. These 2 Articles would be of help to you as well.

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