Making your Old Ticket Data work for you

Joel Of Pearl

Generating revenue from your Old Ticket Data

Joel of Pearl is a Unique service provider in the sense that it focuses on one of the neglected problem areas in the Travel & Ticketing Business. Automating your refund process for you. 

The Solution that we offer, audits your Ticket Data which is 366 to 730 Days Old. Your Ticket data >365 days is outside the scope of E-Tracker or other GDS refund solutions. The Tickets may be outside the scope of E-trackers but they still may be either good for a refund or have a residual fare on them. Using Joel of Pearls proprietary Software we audit these and between 7-10 Days showcase you the money we can save for your Organisation. 

What makes our offering unique is that it comes at ZERO upfront cost or Investment, is non intrusive and .works purely on Gain share model. We charge you a small percentage on the value of refunds we have identified for you. 

Want to know more

You could have 1-2% of your Turnover waiting to be claimed

We audit and find out where you still have unclaimed refunds lying in your ticket data. Fill the form on the right to discover more. 

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