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Middle East Tourism Market can be a game changer

The Middle East Tourism Market can be challenging without the right partner.

Middle East Tourism is growing at a Rapid pace and The Middle East tourists are one of the highest spending travellers in the world – spending as much as as US$500 more than the average European traveller. This has made the Middle East countries one of the most lucrative outbound tourist markets in today’s fast growing international tourism industry. According to recent research, Middle East, travel and tourism activity is growing by 4.4% per annum.

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What you need to understand

The Middle East Tourism Market – An Overview.

The changing trends clearly show that the Middle East in general and GCC region, in particular, would be the driving force for Tourism growth in many regions around the world. A region which has 20% local and 80% expat population, both love to travel and both willing to explore.

The Middle East Tourism Market is the world’s fastest-growing outbound travel market, with young well-off Arabian travellers going on long expensive trips, the ITB World Travel Trends Report Finds.

The Arabian outbound travel market is growing into a lucrative niche business as well-off travellers venture more beyond their home region and spend heavily on up-market accommodation, shopping and entertainment. The Middle East outbound travel market was actually the world’s fastest-growing market in 2017 with a 9 percent increase in outbound trips over the first eight months of the year, according to preliminary World Travel Monitor® results from IPK International.

Besides Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the most attractive outbound market in the region and both are characterised by high spending and long trips. There is a very high proportion of high-earners going on international trips and a high (about 50 percent) share of younger international travellers under the age of 34, according to World Travel Monitor® figures.

Health-related travel is also a notable trend with well-off Arabs often going on long trips for medical purposes, accompanied by a large number of family members. In addition, Arabian tourists often book serviced apartments, for example, where a maid does the cooking and cleaning. “There is also an interesting trend for people to visit long-haul destinations offering Islamic hospitality, such as Malaysia and Indonesia,” Ramzi Maaytah, Partner of IPK International Middle East.

Since this is a region where expat population usually looks for deals the local population looks for long stays and places which are Halal friendly, it can be at times overwhelming especially if you are not familiar with the Region.

Bigfoot Marketing bridges this Gap and connects you with the right audience that you seek. We also ensure that you are fully prepared to handle the clients when they arrive and there is no “faux pas” with clients on the Ground.

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