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Why you need us for India

Tourism Representation Companies in India are a dime a dozen. So how do you choose Tourism Representation Companies that are right for you. 

With so many Tourism Representation Companies in India Why Choose us?

We have over 100 Years of collective experience in the Indian Outbound Tourism market, are connected with 40K+ Travel Agents, 5K+ Mice agents and 1K+ Travel Media professionals. We help you hit the ground running and ensure that your product is distributed in the shortest possible time and you start getting Business from the first month itself. 

We assist with Travel PR, Sales and Marketing, Product distribution and don’t make you wait a month for reports by giving you real time reporting and market Intelligence. 

What you need to understand

India Outbound Tourism – An Overview.

In just the last 20 years, India Outbound Tourism has grown from 3.5 million to 21.9 million, and is likely to account for 50 Million Foreign Tourists by 2020, there by making it the fastest-growing outbound market behind China. Add to that the fact that we are one of the fastest growing economy globally, GDP increasing by more than 7% year on year, India Outbound Tourism offers enormous potential as a Source market for Destinations, Tourism Attractions, Hotel Chains. Luxury Boutique Hotels and DMC’s looking to drive their growth

Improved air connectivity, higher disposable Incomes and greater awareness due to Social Media are opening doors to various new destinations.

For an average short haul outbound leisure holiday, Indians spend about USD857 per trip per person, while for an average long-haul leisure holiday Indians spend roughly USD1,687 per trip per person with Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities contributing significantly to the next phase of growth in India outbound travel.

Indian millennials are more adventurous and confident and more inclined towards discretionary consumption of activities such as travel, as opposed to saving. The Younger Generation prefers independent travel over group tours and are more comfortable experimenting with food something which the Indian Travellers earlier were not used to doing.


According to the research among the travel trade, the main contributing regions to the Indian Outbound Tourism are west and north (including central India) together accounting for about 65% of all outbound travel, followed by south (25%) and east (10%).

Being a very diverse country with over 50K Travel Agencies, each region having its own habits, Bigfoot Marketing as a Travel PR & Tourism Representation company bridges this Gap and connects you with the right audience which translates down to immediate Business for you.

We also ensure that you are fully prepared to handle the clients when they arrive and there is no “faux pas” with clients on the Ground.

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