One of the conversations that we always end up having with our clients (whom we help for Marketing & Business consulting) is to offer differentiated product and build experiences into the travel promotions. A standard answer back is always but no one buys them. The point is simple if you don’t offer it customers don’t buy it. However, that doesn’t mean that clients are not looking for experiences. 

I remember sitting for a Business Meeting in a coffee shop and we met an end user who apart from being a Local Emirati was also curious to see what his Travel Agents were doing talking to me (this is a small town and everyone knows everyone) So when he got to know that I promote destinations like Indonesia and Kenya, he instantly rattled off, how he had done a wildlife tour in Indonesia and a Gorilla Trek in Uganda and since he could not find anyone in UAE who offered these he ended up buying these online directly.  

His key observation and a take away for my prospective clients (the Travel agents) was to offer a differentiated product. We didn’t end up working together as we were not a match in terms of end result. They wanted a quick fix, I like to build a solid foundation before building a Business on it.

The message, however, doesn’t change. People remember experiences, they may remember what luxury hotel they stayed at for a while, but they would remember the experiences for a lifetime. Especially those who travel with Kids. I traveled with my 8-year-old to Kenya and even though it has been over a year she still reminds me of all the Lions and Zebras she saw. That is something which would always stay with her. 

Same goes for the food as well, one of the reasons we travel (or why we should travel) is to create new experiences and in the top 3 list of experiences is always food. There are so many amazing cuisines in the world (That’s what makes Dubai so awesome, the different food you can eat) why stick to your own Cuisine when you travel. The other 2 top experiences that we have learned from end clients are meeting new people and creating memories with your friends and family. 

Our Take at Bigfoot Marketing is simple, Offer experiences to your clients, it’s Okay if they choose the standard product today, they would come back to you for experiences. If no one else is doing it, you can be the Pioneer and start offering these. (I keep on advising the Travel Trade what to do and as someone very Senior in the Industry said to me, You are selling Sand in the Desert by trying to educate our Industry as everyone believes he knows it all, It hasn’t stopped me from doing the same)

I believe in sharing my 3 Decades of experience and expertise (even if it helps just 01 person) similarly you should also try and share programs that you eventually want to sell. If you don’t offer these you would never sell these, if you offer these and clients don’t buy its fine. Eventually, the clients would change as well, Change as they say is the only constant. 

We are a company that helps Businesses grow. We offer Solutions that help you 2X to 3X your customer acquisition by using Modern Marketing tools and Business Consulting. It doesn’t matter where you are today or if you have fewer clients, we can help you change all that.

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